We believe that as the bible states we have been predestined as a believer unto a God given call. This call includes a loyalty to Christ, our faithful Savior; to Christians, our fellow servants; and to the Church, lending faithfulness to the sanctuary. As we engage in active service toward all aspects of Christian requirements, we emphasize that aggressive personal soul winning is our number one priority.

We believe that we are accountable to God to defend, to define and to deliver the Scriptural Cardinal doctrines of our faith which include:

Virgin birth of the Savior
Verbal Plenary Inspiration of the Scriptures
Vicarious Suffering
Victorious Bodily Resurrection
Visible Return of Christ
We believe not only in the priesthood of the believer, but also in the accountability of the believer; therefore, we will endeavor to live lives separated from the worldly influences.

Antioch Baptist Church is a fundamental, independent, pre-millennial, missionary, soul- winning, separated, Baptist church. Non-charismatic, non-Calvinistic, non-contemporary.